Frequest Asked Questions

Q? What is E-mail Marketing?

This is a way of sending Bulk E-mail Messages to Multiple E-mail Address or recipients

Q? Can i use it to Promote my Business?

Yes ofcourse, you can use E-mail Marketting to Promote your Producst and Services to Large numbers of Trageted Prospective Customers

Q? Is it very effective?

UYes E-mail Marketting is one of tyecheapest and most Reliable way of sending direct explanatory messages to People, unlike Other short Advert, you can send or attach full Portfolio or Profile of your Business or services to your Trageted Audience

Q? How soon is mail delievered?

Our SMTP Mail delievery Servers are very reliable, it delievers your messaages instantly with no delays

Q? How do i get started?

Its very easy to Open an Account with us, all you need do is to Register here

Q? Can i send my message anywhere?

Yes you can send you messages wherever you are , even with your Mobile Phone in the beach or on your Bed

Q? How many Mails can i send?

You can send as many E-mails as possible, depend on the package you choose, Kindly view Our E-mail Marketing Packages

Q? Will i be Blocked or Suspended?

We do not Block or terminate your Account intentionally, but if we notice you are using the system to Send Spam or Fraudulent E-mail messages, we shall be forced to Suspend your account

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